How long have you been singing together?

Sean, Steve, and Chuck met in college at Brown University, where they were members of the now-defunct group The High Jinks. Kevin was singing with the Williams Octet in those days, and when he joined up in 1999 it seemed like he’d been part of the group forever.

How did you come to be The Astelins?

Sean was brought in to work on some early concept versions of the commercial. We squared off against a number of other would-be pitch-men but it was clear that we had the singular power to induce sneezing and delight audiences.

Can I hire you to sing at my party/wedding/special event?

Yes you can, as long as you can meet our exorbitant rates and outrageous needs for bottled water.

Can I get sheet music to your arrangement of O Mio Babbino Caro?

Not yet but soon, hopefully. Like most GrooveBarber arrangements, this one was done using a recording studio. Then the whole thing was tweaked by the group in rehearsal. However, we should have a sheet music version available soon, as well as a studio recording of the song.


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